The Riteway Benefits


Not all commercial laundry service plants are created equal. Riteway linens utilize only the best machines in our plants to provide you with custom, consistent service, the highest quality products, and eco-friendly processing.



Riteway only utilizes Single Pocket washers and a fully automated, programmable system with cutting-edge technology. These energy-efficient machines (reduces our carbon footprint by 40%) better care for high-quality linen and ensure that all your products are washed individually.


Opti Dryers are unique in that they dry based on the moisture in the linen, not a drying time. Over-drying can lead to wear and tear which means replacing your linens 20% more often. Opti Dry utilizes less heat and reduces friction to keep your linens looking their best. Our Opti Dryers are automated with the ability to notify of any malfunction in real-time, so we can fix any issues avoiding delays.


Our ironing press runs oil-heated drums that provide continuous heat throughout the pressing process. This continuous heat reduces gas usage and minimizes creases and wrinkles. The padded belts create a barrier between the metal and the fabric, helping to extend the life of your linens.


Our water recycling system is extremely environmentally friendly. Not only do we not use any chemicals to treat and filter the water, but 60% of the water utilized is also recycled. Plus, all filtering media can be recycled.

Let Riteway Linens become your commercial laundry service provider today. Our transparent process, quotes, and billing will allow you to focus on your guests, not your linens.
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Riteway’s commercial laundry services cater to South and Central Florida including Brevard, Broward, Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, Osceola, Orange, and St. Lucie county.