A Tour Through A Hotel and Our Products

neatly made hotel beddingWe take pride in providing the highest quality linens in the hospitality industry. Our wholesale program distributes products nationwide through our extensive catalog. Throughout this catalog, we offer various products based on the industry your business is a part of.

The hotel industry has many different aspects. In the actual hotel rooms, we provide high quality linens that are known for their comfort and luxury. The beds are covered in soft, crisp sheets and pillowcases. In the bathroom, there are absorbent, fluffy towels hanging next to clean, white bathrobes.

Walking downstairs, the restaurant in the lobby or guest services floor has 5-star linens to match the quality of the restaurant. Riteway Linens cover all tables with tablecloths, table skirts, and napkins. Waiters wearing professional attire, provided by Riteway Linens walk from the table to the kitchen. In the kitchen, we provide the cleaning towels, unsoiled aprons, anti-fatigue slip resistant floor mats, and stain preventative chef’s coats and jackets.

Walk a little further and you hit the hotel’s pool and spa amenities. Lounge chairs are covered with long, fresh, logo pool towels. The spa has crisp sheets covering the massage tables, and quality towels are handed to spa guests.

Contact Riteway Linens for quality products for your hotel today! Our experienced sales professionals will be able to price out an affordable and high quality array of products just for you and your business. We understand the importance of on-time shipping, quality products, and affordability when it comes to wholesale products for hotels, as well as other industries. Give us a call at 772-336-0175 for a free custom quote. You can also check out our online wholesale textiles catalog which provides a convenient run-through on all the products that we offer for your business.