Riteway Linen Teams up with The Doctors Goodwill Foundation

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August 18, 2016 – Port St. Lucie, Florida – Riteway Linen Services of Port St. Lucie has teamed up with The Doctors Goodwill Foundation to create a Medical Fund Assistance Program that will be dedicated to helping our Friends and Family in the Hospitality Industry that have been stricken with Cancer.

The Mission of The Doctors Goodwill Foundation Medical Fund Assistance Program is to provide funding to assist with medical bills and living expenses through the sale of the “Wrap Out Cancer” SolReya Breast Cancer Head (Spa) Wrap.

“The SolReya Spa Wraps were initially intended to be sold to spas and salons through our Sales Division but we found they could have a another special use after comments from friends in the industry saying they were also purchasing them for relatives going through cancer treatments”.pink-ribbon

“The light weight absorbent fabric along with an elegant look was perfect for a substitute for a hot wig or heavy hat while relaxing and healing. So we added the breast cancer ribbon, contacted The Doctors Goodwill Foundation for their partnership and the program was given birth”, stated Lisa L. Mowers – Director of Marketing and Sales at Riteway Linen Services.

“We wanted to help eliminate the additional stress incurred by medical bills, so patients and survivors can focus on their future”, Stated Doctor Kanti Bahalani, Ambassador of the Doctor’s Goodwill Foundation

How our Program Works:

For a period of one year Riteway Linen Services will promote the sale of the SolReya “Wrap Out Breast Cancer Head Wraps” and donate $1.00 of each sale, with those proceeds going to the program applicant winner.

For more details on how you can apply for the “Wrap Out Cancer” Medical Assistance Program. Log onto


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