Custom Textile Manufacturing


Riteway Linen Services custom manufacturing division has assembled a large collection of custom bed linen for clients around the world online. To be able to provide our customers with any desired bedding size, whether it’s chosen from one of our sizing charts or when specific dimensions are provided to us by you, ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER.

 Accurate measurement

We cut and sew each item to order; therefore it is very important that you provide us with accurate measurements for your Duvet, Sham and Bed Linen.

Shrinkage of the fabric

                        Cotton is a natural fiber and as such it will suffer a certain amount of shrinkage, typically about 2-5% upon initial washing and drying cycles. When manufacturing products, we allow for such shrinkage and cut the fabric a little larger so that your linen shrinks to the correct size when you first wash it.

Measuring for a Duvet Cover:

  • Measure      the width of your duvet(W).duvet cover measuring
  • Measure      the length of your duvet(L).

Example spec design to assist measuring your desired custom duvet:


 Bowery Duvet


Measuring for a Pillow Sham:

Utilize the example spec design to assist measuring your desired custom sham:

Bowery  Shams 

We cannot start production on your order until we have all necessary measurements. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about measuring.


 100% Cotton Percale

Our products are made of high-quality 100% cotton percale woven with 200 threads. This fabric is perfect for bed linen: 100% cotton percale is made of natural fibers which produce a comfortable, fresh fabric that allows the body to breathe in contrast to poly/cottons and other blends. Percale bedding is the finest available. The high thread count gives the fabric a soft and smooth feel which increases after each wash.

Pure Cotton Sateen

Cotton sateen is made by using a special weaving process which gives the fabric a satin-like finish. Our manufacture is based in Coimbatore India and is well known for its outstanding quality fabrics. The fabric is a 100% cotton fabric with a high thread count to match your desire from T-200 up to T-600, ideal for producing luxurious sheeting with a soft and smooth feel.


We recommend you provide a sample of the fabric color you desire.  From this sample we will provide to you a lab dip sample for your review.

 Thread colors can be chosen by utilizing a Pantone or Ackerman thread color chart.  Samples threads can also be sent to our lab for reproduction.


A digitized embroidery file will be needed, if a logo file is all you have then our custom design division can digitize the file for you and an embroidery sample will be sent for your review.

Allow 145 days for your custom goods production from date of deposit to delivery on most orders.  All custom orders have minimum order quantities.