Nano technology finally affordable.
6 month windscreen protection
Application in only 3 steps and 20 minutes!

  • Simple application
  • Enhances vision driving in the rain and at night
  • Decreases the effect of glare from oncoming vehicles
  • Night driving has become a lot safer
  • At speed of 70 km/h and above the wipers have become unnecessary in rainy conditions as rain droplets just slide off the windscreen
  • Cleaning of the windscreen has become easy and simple even from insects, dirt, ice and snow
  • Manufactured in EU


Our main advantage besides ofcourse the affordability is the simplicity and little time it takes to apply.  It is done in 3 easy steps:

The glass surface to be protected must be clean and dry.
Once opened use immediately.
Do not apply in the direct sunlight or on hot surface.